We believe digital
innovation is vital
to the volunteering sector.

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If we are going to engage and inspire the next generation of volunteers, tackle community sector sustainability, and make corporate social responsibility really mean something, we need tools that enable collective action.

Our team is at the forefront of enabling this change.
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Our People
Our Values
  • We take pride in treating others with care, honesty and respect.
  • We are proud of our people, our diversity, and embrace difference.
  • We recognise disadvantage, discrimination and racism and believe in the fair and kind treatment of all people.
  • We acknowledge, respect, and celebrate the people and cultures that originate our lands.
  • We commit to always doing our best to hold true to our values and contribute to the positive influence of others.
  • Connecting with purpose


    Cysylltu â phwrpas

    Ag nascadh le cuspóir

  • Acting with integrity


    Gweithredu gydag uniondeb

    Ag gníomhú le hionracas

  • Walking and learning together


    Cerdded a dysgu gyda'n gilydd

    Ag siúl agus ag foghlaim le chéile

  • Care and respect


    Gofal a pharch

    Cúram agus meas

Our Story
Rob WiseRob Wise Founder & DirectorSpinner

A UK born Spanish Australian, Be Collective founder Rob Wise was quite young when the Wise family established the The Body Shop franchise and later The Big Issue in Australia.

The Wise family - headed by successful entrepreneur Graeme Wise - is well-known for developing socially-conscious enterprises ‘with heart’. Inspired by his father’s example (and UK Body Shop founder / close family friend Anita Roddick) Rob developed a passion for creating businesses that leverage technology focused on creating impact ahead of profit.

Rob’s story is, to some extent, is also the story of the Wise Foundation.

Formed 2008, the Wise Foundation is a family-run, Melbourne-based charitable organisation focused on finding innovative solutions to real social problems. It’s core mission: ‘to create sustainable social enterprise to address disadvantage’. Business-savvy, but not profit-driven, the Wise Foundation uses enterprise to help foster stronger, healthier communities.

Being intimately involved in the creation and operation of a number of innovative social enterprises proved to be the perfect foundation for Be Collective.

Rob’s idea: to build a tech platform that better engages and reflects the whole of community that surrounds volunteering, one which fosters collaboration and measures impact. The potential? To empower systemic change by creating community infrastructure.

Together with (initially) one developer, Rob started to build Be Collective. It’s a digital platform that ignites and brings together disparate threads of community action. It helps organisations better engage, manage and leverage their volunteer communities and local ecosystems.

First launched in Australia, the Be Collective platform immediately made an impact. In response to community need, Be Collective then established operations and local teams in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Be Collective hasn’t strayed too far from Rob’s initial drawings. It’s still about connecting, engaging and measuring, using technology to empower communities, and celebrating the good work of both individuals and the collective.

His early influences still pervade Rob’s work today. The belief that business has a responsibility to the community. The belief that enterprise can be put to work to build stronger communities.