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Embrace corporate responsibility for your employees and customers.

Strengthen your core values and community impact while realising the clear financial benefit of better engaged employees and customers. A strong coordinated approach to corporate volunteering will unify your people and provide an innovative framework for skill development and experience.

Be Collective lets you build your own network of community partner opportunities and align it to your CSR strategy with evidence-based reporting that helps you tell your stories and verify your impact. Streamline administration, lift participation and loyalty by involving employees in the process and build a wealth of experience that will benefit all areas of your organisation.

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Innovative, intuitive design packed with functionality.

Unique Reporting & Insights
Engagement & Reporting
Integrate with other core business systems
Accommodate complex group structures
Communication & storytelling
Customisable CRM
Establish Community Partnerships
Offer bespoke skill development
Verified Social Record for participants
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One place to manage your community engagement
Simple plans to suit everyone!

Be Collective is a Social Enterprise committed to accessible digital infrastructure to power our communities for all. Our pricing ensures that groups can participate in volunteering without cost while providing powerful tools to support the core management and reporting needs of organisations.


A range of additional features to better manage volunteer programmes at an entry price.


More functionality, customisation, innovative engagement and evidence-based reporting.

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Drive engagement,
impact and culture

An authentic and considered approach to corporate volunteering doesn't just create amazing impact, it makes complete sense in terms of attracting, retaining and engaging your people. We all understand the benefits of employee engagement and the real cost of disengagement. Today's increasing workplace flexibility means we need to work harder to give employees a culture to connect with.

We will get the best from our people if we encourage them to bring their humanity into the workplace.

Be Collective works with our partners to co-design, build and implement a community ecosystem that supports strategy, collaboration, engagement and impact.

  1. Align values
  2. Increase community connection
  3. Build skills
  4. Establish purpose
  5. Provide pride of impact
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Strengthen your organisational values for all your stakeholders and connect CSR strategy with opportunities to create community impact.
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Capture and celebrate your impact through innovative and verified reporting tools.
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Enhance your business’s growth and development framework by offering employees an opportunity to further develop skills through tailored community volunteering opportunities.
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Case Study
My Corporate

A leading bank had long integrated volunteering into their broader CSR strategy. The bank’s community engagement team knew that employees across the business were donating their time and skills to many good causes, including the environment, health and animal welfare. However, it was a challenge to accurately measure ROI and track social impact.

That’s where Be Collective came in. With Be Collective’s sophisticated real-time analytics, the bank now had a comprehensive way to capture, measure and report performance. Better yet, the verified engagement and impact reporting equipped the bank to focus on where and how they wanted to make difference.