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Emergency response includes elements such as preparedness, mobilisation, operation and resilience. This breadth of responsibilities and emergent dynamic tasks make emergency response complicated. A community’s resilience is dependent on the disaster’s disruption level and the community’s level of preparedness.

Disaster response management is complex, difficult to anticipate and dependant on a broad range of circumstancial and related factors. The intersection of responses from official emergency services and those more spontaneous efforts of by citizens in the community can sometimes produce confusion, overlap of effort, inefficiency and even at times, complicate and increase the challenge of response.

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Key challenges
  • Engagement and retention of volunteers
  • Collaboration with the many community groups active in the response
  • Accuracy and management of volunteer data
  • Lift engagement
  • Reporting and measurement of impact

Be Collective is focused on the facilitation of active citizenship and managing and controlling the spontaneous desire of the community to get in there and help. Through our digital infrastructure Be Colelctive provides councils, emergency management authorites and agencies with a framework which they can overlay into their opperations. It brings rigor to the enagement of non- core skilled volunteer management and allows for increased preparadness, connection, mobilisation and measurement of community volunteering.

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Create a custom Management Portal

Quickly create a Management Portal for a disaster which brings together whole of community. Talk to us about how we can support stronger, more resilient communities in the face of challenge.