*New* Help Centre links

The Product Team has now completed the Be Collective Help Centre upgrade.

The project involved migrating to a new vendor, so you / your team will notice a slightly different look and feel. We did our best to retain the former URL, however, our hand was forced. (Hey, a change is as good as a holiday, right?).

The new Be Collective Help Centre URL is:

ACTION: please consider bookmarking this new URL on your web browser. Also, if you have posted this link to your website or included it in any training manuals, please update them. The former URL will remain live until 1 June 2023 (an unavoidable sunset date from the former vendor).

Our Support Desk was also upgraded. The only difference you may notice is the Support emails will look a little different. Your team can still raise support tickets via the Be Collective platform and/or via email ( or as they do today.

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