Improved reporting via the Analytics Hub

Be Collective’s volunteer management software is used by organisations across many different sectors. Think: charities, local government, corporates, sporting clubs and festivals. Each organisation uses our software differently and has unique reporting requirements.

We’ve catered toward this diversity in our biggest revamp to reporting functionality on Be Collective since its inception. Our new Analytics Hub (available to Be Collective Pro clients) offers four times more reports than before. More, it empowers users to interact, configure, refine and drill down to view, and export information of interest.

What can users expect?


New filters allow group managers to see their data in infinite configurations. The easy-to-use filters make it easy to search, compare and analyse data. All date-defined data allows users to click on a graph to access deeper information in different time periods.

Drill down to the specific groups, partners and opportunities that are of most interest, and focus your reporting on supporting your organisation and its programs.

Why this is great? Instead of just seeing how many partners you have, you can now review see more about a particular volunteering ecosystem and understand best practice and how it can be replicated to provide improvements elsewhere.

More exports

After users have created the perfect data set, laid out in a perfect graph, it can be exported. Let’s be clear about this – you can export the actual graph and its data points – and insert it directly into your report or presentation. For those who love diving into spreadsheet analysis, you can still download all the regular exportable data for your group’s members, hierarchy groups, partners, opportunities, opportunity application, events and custom fields in CSV (comma-separated values) format as well.

Mobile friendly

Let’s face it – we all step away from behind a laptop. We’ve all been in a meeting where we’ve been asked a detailed question about data, performance and numbers. So, we’ve designed the Analytics Hub to be fully mobile responsive. View your data and reports on the go, in the moment. It’ll scale to the size of screen you use.

The reporting suite contains the following familiar sections:

  1. Summary: high level statistics on volunteer hours, fulfilment and impact value (no customisation or filters).
  2. Key Insights: high level dashboard on volunteer opportunity engagement, volunteer demographics across gender, age, causes, location of opportunities and location of volunteers (no customisation or filters).
  3. Analytics Hub: full reporting suite completely customisable with filters across metrics. Provides the ability to tailor reports to your organisation requirements.
  4. Export data: CSV downloads of your group’s members, hierarchy groups, partners, opportunities, opportunity application, events and custom fields.

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