Case Study

A council knew that their local region was full of passionate volunteers and community organisations running initiatives that result in real change. They also ran internal volunteering schemes to foster employee engagement and support service delivery.

While there was so much good work going on, it was always a challenge to accurately report on activity both inside and outside the organisation. On an internal level, they wanted a better way to capture and manage their internal volunteering schemes. More broadly, the council wanted a better way to celebrate all the good work that was happening within the region. It was therefore essential that the system was universal enough for use across the whole municipality. That’s where Be Collective came in.

With Be Collective’s advanced reporting functionality, the council gained rich insights that enabled them to track activities and results in real-time. Celebrating volunteers across the entire community became far easier. Community organisations as well as the council now had a way to efficiently manage their volunteering and keep track of what was happening and when. All up, Be Collective gave the council a way to better mobilise and connect community in an engaging digital environment.

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