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Be Collective is simple and easy to integrate. It can link you to your community through social media or present your opportunities through an existing website. Be Collective offers a comprehensive suite of features and tools built on years of research and industry engagement.

Access on any device - anytime, anywhere.



Find just what you are looking for, keep track of your volunteering and social impact:

  • Customisable dashboard showing you the most important information the way you like to see it. From workflows, to shortcuts, right through to look and feel.

  • Advanced search capability to drill down on opportunities that match your skills, interests, availability and location with additional filters that hone in on the perfect opportunity or group.

  • Volunteer workflow and schedule management to keep track of what you have committed to, or want to keep in mind for another time.

  • Join the businesses, clubs, schools and councils that form a part of your life. Start your own group, or support organisations and causes you care about.

  • Build a verified social record that recognises effort, celebrates achievement and provides better pathways to employment.

  • Connect and share experiences with like-minded people and groups as well as build a new network of shared values and purpose.

  • Integrated messaging and notification system that ensures you don’t miss an update or communication from your network.

  • It’s your information, so decide how you want to be communicated with and visible within your networks and wider community. It’s in your hands.

Professional tools that allow you to focus on what you do best.



Coordinate and manage your volunteers and member base.

  • An end to end management system with all the important tools you need to properly manage membership, engagement, group administration and permissions.

  • Platform to find and attract like-minded people to your group and intuitive promotional tools to present the right opportunities to the right people.

  • Create the custom folders and lists that make your processes easier. Perhaps your favourite volunteers or more detailed criteria matching that changes as people change and update their details, skills and experience.

  • Accommodating both simple and complex group structures with privacy and permission management as well as aggregated reporting at each level and sub-level.

  • Allocate your own social currency within your group that aligns certain opportunities with a credit system that allows you to recognise and reward your most active and committed people.

  • Support for both local, national and international groups, events and opportunities or combinations of all three.

  • Rich, dynamic, reporting and insights that provide instant access to your engagement levels and impact across your organisation or group.

  • Cater for those who provide ad hoc support with little notice or administration as well as those who commit to your group and opportunities on a regular basis.

  • In-platform communication system with external mail integration and notifications to ensure that importation information doesn’t get missed and that ideas and contributions are encouraged.

Talk directly to your community and increase awareness and engagement.



Easily create and manage community events and projects from start to finish.

  • Fully featured, modularised system to customise your events and opportunities to present the most simple experience to your stakeholders and volunteers.

  • Manage events and opportunities from recruitment and hours verification right through to participant feedback and references.

  • Ensure participants are notified as events and opportunities change and monitor gaps with scheduling and communication tools.

  • A flexible system that accommodates various role and task types with ability to virtualise efforts and run large multifaceted campaigns.

  • Customisable data with active tagging and referencing to optimise workflow and management.

  • Upload documents and forms for gathering information from on-boarding members or applicants for opportunities. Provide training and inductions for individuals or groups.

  • Post event/opportunity reporting with analytics on participation and impact assessment that make your internal and external communication more informed and credible.

  • Collation of permissioned media and content from participants and members that contextualise reporting and provide amazing content for storytelling.