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Better engage and manage the goodwill that surrounds your community group with tools that are designed to inspire your people, get you organised and measure your impact.

Whether you are a club, association, charity, or action group, Be Collective will allow you to bring your community together and streamline your volunteer operations. Improve your communication, organisation and free up your people to focus on what they do best.

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Innovative, intuitive design packed with functionality.

End-to-end volunteer management
Deliver a valuable volunteer experience
Build Community & Business Partnerships
Communication & storytelling
Unique Reporting and Insights
Engagement & Reporting
Verified Social Record for participants
Reward & Recognise volunteers
Volunteering opportunities for children under 16
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Be Collective is a Social Enterprise committed to accessible digital infrastructure to power our communities for all. Our pricing ensures that groups can participate in volunteering without cost while providing powerful tools to support the core management and reporting needs of organisations.


Free access for smaller-sized groups, which only require access to our standard suite of tools.


A range of additional features to better manage volunteer programs at an entry price.


More functionality, customisation, innovative engagement and evidence-based reporting.

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Broaden the value to your members, participants and volunteers

Sporting clubs play an important role in building confidence and connection within the community - particularly among our youth (irrespective of disadvantage or privilege). They traditionally rely on the goodwill of volunteers to run member-centric experiences that drive outcomes. Managing volunteers can be cumbersome, particularly when time is limited.

How do we make it easier for clubs to manage activities and volunteers while also providing members with unique value propositions? Create shared value by offering rewards, recognition and pathways to employment or further study. Never underestimate the power of helping our youth understand the skills they possess, knowing the skills they are building and the value of creating a (social) CV.

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Build, manage and share volunteer opportunities with members as well as grow rewarding partnerships
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Grow your support base and reduce the time it takes to manage, engage and recognise your volunteers
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Support your work with live unique insights that demonstrate your impact and reach
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Case Study
Christie Centre
As a regional NDIS provider, the Christie Centre often struggled to accurately capture the impact they were having on the local region. That’s where Be Collective came in. Through moving to Be Collective’s all-in-one volunteer management solution, the team at the Christie Centre we able to capitalise on digitising their pathway programs. They’ve been able to electronically capture and verify the contribution program participants are making and the skills they’re building.