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Re-imagine the way your council connects with the community. Say goodbye to static volunteer role ads on your website. Cue a dynamic volunteer management & engagement platform - connecting charities, education institutions, businesses and local groups to harness goodwill and measure the social impact. Your community will thank you for it.

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Innovative, intuitive design packed with functionality.

Grow your ecosystem & partnerships
Offer practical skill development opportunities
Integrate with other core business systems
End-to-end volunteer management
Communication & storytelling
Customisable CRM
Unique reporting & insights
Engagement & reporting
Verified Social Record for participants
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Be Collective is a Social Enterprise committed to accessible digital infrastructure to power our communities for all. Our pricing ensures that groups can participate in volunteering without cost while providing powerful tools to support the core management and reporting needs of organisations.


A range of additional features to better manage volunteer programs at an entry price.


More functionality, customisation, innovative engagement and evidence-based reporting.

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Smart City infrastructure to connect and engage your community

Be Collective supports local councils to mobilise their community volunteers and promotes active citizenship. It provides community infrastructure that encourages collaboration, efficiency, and measurement. Whether it be supporting municipality-wide events, local libraries or general community services, all volunteer activity is captured and verified on the platform, and provides valuable insight into community need and impact. This can in turn give context to other interrelated social metrics (health, crime, education outcomes).

By integrating the Be Collective engine into a council website, councils can provide a value-add service to groups providing support services in the community. Local groups can collaborate with council to extend their reach.

Are you ready to deepen relationships with your residents, drive greater inclusiveness and nurture a more cohesive community?

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Build, manage and share volunteer opportunities with members as well as grow rewarding partnerships
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Grow your support base and reduce the time it takes to manage, engage and recognise your volunteers
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Support your work with live unique insights that demonstrate your impact and reach
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Embed Be Collective onto your website

Integrate the Be Collective engine into your own website for even greater control of brand, narrative and user experience.

Case Study
My Council

A council knew that their local region was full of passionate volunteers and community organisations running initiatives that result in real change. They also ran internal volunteering schemes to foster employee engagement and support service delivery.

While there was so much good work going on, it was always a challenge to accurately report on activity both inside and outside the organisation. On an internal level, they wanted a better way to capture and manage their internal volunteering schemes. More broadly, the council wanted a better way to celebrate all the good work that was happening within the region. It was therefore essential that the system was universal enough for use across the whole municipality. That’s where Be Collective came in.