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Want to give back but can’t find a way? Looking for volunteer options that fit your schedule? Have skills you want to develop and share?

Find opportunities that best match your skills, interests, availability and location. See what’s available in your community and beyond so you can pick what works for you, in real time.

Volunteer your time, connect with like-minded people and record your activity with a CV that tells the story of your personal social impact.

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Innovative, intuitive design packed with functionality.

Verified Social Record for individuals
Gain practical skill development opportunity
Read stories from organisations that matter to you
Be rewarded for your contributions
Apply for opportunities
Opportunities for children under 16
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One place to manage your community engagement
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Find opportunities that match your skills, location, interests and availability.
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Join groups and connect with the organisations that matter the most to you.
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Your Social CV automatically lists causes supported, number of hours contributed, skills gained and references from supportive community members.
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1. Sign up
1. Sign up

Tell us about yourself, what impact you want to have on the world and what causes you support.

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2. Find opportunities and volunteer
2. Find opportunities and volunteer

Find opportunities that align to your interests and availability.

3. Build your social record
3. Build your social record

Build a verified social record and create new pathways to employment.