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Volunteers have a 27% better chance of being employed than non-volunteering candidates. It’s no surprise, therefore, that volunteering can be great for a person’s job search. Aside from the various breadth of skill development that various volunteer opportunities can deliver, volunteering improves connection to community and future professional networks, lifts confidence and provides a sense of purpose.

Be Collective considers employment and employability as a core aspect of wellness. If a person is employed or confident about ones prospect of employment, then financial security as an enabler to tackle life’s many challenges is more easily grasped. We support a model that provides direct tangible benefit to the individual and ultimately the community that supports them, through a staged transformation process.

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Key challenges
  • Demonstration of verified volunteering activity
  • Capture actual time spent volunteering - and for whom
  • How does volunteer know which skills they’re building?
  • Curation of qualitative feedback on volunteer’s strengths or character
  • How does a job seeker present all the above in job applications?

Skills are central to all activity on Be Collective: from listing the skills required to complete a volunteer task - to the skills acquired by the volunteer once a task is completed. All volunteer activity (skills offered or acquired, time spent, who they’ve volunteered for and volunteer manager testimonials) is automatically captured in a verified social record. All this information can be printed by individuals as a social CV to better understand their own skills, community impact and to include in job applications.

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