Case Study

A leading bank had long integrated volunteering into their broader CSR strategy. The bank’s community engagement team knew that employees across the business were donating their time and skills to many good causes, including the environment, health and animal welfare. However, it was a challenge to accurately measure ROI and track social impact.

That’s where Be Collective came in. With Be Collective’s sophisticated real-time analytics, the bank now had a comprehensive way to capture, measure and report performance. Better yet, the verified engagement and impact reporting equipped the bank to focus on where and how they wanted to make difference.

With Be Collective, the bank was able to:

  • Easily navigate a user-friendly system
  • Save time and effort with a streamlined volunteer management platform
  • Partner with other organisations to give employees volunteer opportunities that align to company objectives and values
  • Foster diversity and inclusion through CSR initiatives
  • Strengthen connections with community with insights for use in communications
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