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Embrace volunteering as a powerful driver of student engagement, retention, and skill growth, building innovative pathways to employment.

Strengthen your student experience and offer innovative frameworks to develop skills while in service of your community partnerships. Matching student development with curriculum-aligned volunteering opportunities provides unmatched experience, confidence and job readiness, ultimately improving student experience.

Build ongoing stakeholder connection through rewarding experiences in mentoring through both community and Alumni partnerships and initiatives.

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Innovative, intuitive design packed with functionality.

Establish Community & Business Partnerships
Offer practical skill development opportunities
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End-to-end volunteer management
Communication & storytelling
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Verified Social Record for students
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Be Collective is a Social Enterprise committed to accessible digital infrastructure to power our communities for all. Our pricing ensures that groups can participate in volunteering without cost while providing powerful tools to support the core management and reporting needs of organisations.


A range of additional features to better manage volunteer programmes at an entry price.


More functionality, customisation, innovative engagement and evidence-based reporting.

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Enrich the student
learning experience

Experiential volunteering helps students deepen curriculum learning and build transferrable skills. It’s also a great way for students to explore career options, build confidence ahead of a job placement and start a professional network. In terms of finding that job, applicants with volunteer experience have been shown to be 27% more likely to do so.

With this in mind, we’ve made skills central to all volunteer activity on Be Collective. Students will receive validation of their volunteering hours, evidence of skill experience and testimonials that contribute to a practical Social CV (and use it when applying for jobs or further education).

If you’re looking to increase engagement and retention by creating meaningful student experiences and social impact in your community, we know we can help.

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Verified Social Record/CV fostering pathways to employment
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Simplified student volunteer management and administration
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Engaging, rewarding and empowering portal for students
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Case Study
My School

A further education college with over 13,000 students enrolled each year has been using Be Collective to manage volunteering activities in its youth work course. The college knew that a blend of high-quality course content and strong community links through volunteering was essential for the delivery of good employment pathways for the students.

Volunteering enabled the youth work students to learn how they can apply their skills in community and consider directions for future employment. The students connected with a local charity through the Be Collective eco-system. The benefits here were two-fold, seeing enrichment of the learning experience of the students while at the same time providing practical support to the wider community.