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A core system to manage your community and business partnerships and inspire, engage, and recognise your volunteers at the same time. Volunteering Services operate at the frontline of community need and are expected to do a lot with very little. Be Collective provides a sustainable solution that lifts digital readiness and allows Volunteering Service organisations to grow their ecosystem and deliver innovative value propositions to their stakeholders.

Access live verified reporting that supports your work and ensures that your volunteers are deriving the very best recognition and value from their contribution.

Explore how partnering with Be Collective is about much more than software.

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Innovative, intuitive design packed with functionality.

End-to-end volunteer Management
Build Community & Business Partnerships
Engagement & storytelling tools
Reward & Recognise volunteers
Support programme delivery
Verified Social Record for volunteers
Manage your members
Customisable CRM
Unique Reporting and Insights
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One place to manage your community engagement
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Be Collective
Partnership Programme

Be Collective has invested in creating a Partner Programme for Volunteer Services/Centres where we work together in building local volunteering ecosystems. Once qualified, Be Collective will pass on savings to both yourselves and your member organisations as it grows.

We want organisations to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and support that exists throughout our volunteering expert community and our model provides both financial and practical support to incentivise this.

Explore how partnering with Be Collective is about much more than software.

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Provide real value to your partners and watch your ecosystem grow through a whole of community approach
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End-to-end tools to manage volunteers, opportunities, endorsements, partnerships, communication and recognition
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Quickly understand the breadth and depth of your impact through all your partnerships and programme activities
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