Volunteer applications from overseas

A number of groups on the platform have indicated they’re receiving volunteer applications from individuals who reside outside the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

We understand this new interest in volunteering may be a result of the United Kingdom Government's Charity Worker visa (Temporary Work).

To some groups, this UK visa presents an opportunity to expand your pool of volunteers and skills to help your cause. For others, it’s a distraction and takes up valuable administration time. Some of our clients on Be Collective have indicated they do not have the financial or human resources to support volunteers wanting this visa or the time required to organise it. If this is true for your group, we have a suggestion which may help reduce the number of applications until this interest subsides (or until the UK Government changes the visa).

Consider adding the following to your group description and volunteer role advertisements: "We are unable to accept volunteer applications from non-residents or those outside the country seeking visas".

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Further reading about the UK Government’s Charity Worker visa:

Visa info:

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