Case Study
Volunteer Now

Volunteer Now is Northern Ireland’s lead organisation for promoting and supporting volunteering. They’re all about creating a central hub for accessing volunteering support, subject matter expertise and information about volunteer causes.

Just before the outset of the pandemic, they partnered with Be Collective to offer a fresh new volunteering portal which streamlines the volunteering process for organisations, volunteers and businesses. This helped Volunteer Now to pivot and adapt to the challenges associated with the pandemic. In their first two years of partnering with Be Collective, the organisation has built an online eco-system of nearly 2,000 causes, charities and businesses who rely on volunteer to deliver community services and support.

With a membership base of nearly 7,000 members, Volunteer Now has seen nearly 1,500 volunteer opportunities realised and this figure is growing every day. They’re also using Be Collective to track and collate social impact analytics with insights into demographics, popular causes and service use for inclusion in community service reports.

Through Volunteer Now, community groups and organisations across Northern Ireland are using Be Collective to reach a more diverse range of volunteers online, reduce resourcing needed for volunteer management and recruitment, and access sector specific support.

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